Monday, March 30, 2009

Congrats and Flitter Pics

Congratulations to Elliott (Maize and Zack; D Litter) for picking up four more points towards his championship this weekend (he now has 12) AND a leg towards his CD!!

And here are pictures of Flitter pups, now almost seven months.

This is Maddie (Madison) who likes to help her dad cook Sunday brunch.

Peaches (Sula) apparently doesn't quite understand that she is supposed to pull the cart, not ride in it :)

Terri is especially happy that Zed (Dawson) likes to help out in the yard by digging up the dirt for her. Some people have to pay for that service!

Hope you are digging your day!


  1. We have that EXACT towel and have used it for that EXACT purpose -- to protect the CLEAN bib on a dog that drools just a bit more than the breed standard might allow for!

  2. Thanks to all the Flitter mom's and dad's for sending in pics. Now could E and Glitter send in a new set of photos?