Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bed Time and Cuddle Time

Can you tell it is Spring Break by all the Blog posts? I was supposed to leave for Utah tomorrow but the van transmission is acting up -- it will only drive in a low gear :( So instead of driving to Utah tomorrow, I am driving the van to the dealership to be fixed -- let's all think inexpensive thoughts please!

And something else I want to share -- I saw TWO coyotes today! I have not seen any up here, although we hear them all the time. One was about one-half mile from the house -- yikes! I was driving and it crossed in front of me, and stopped and looked at me. They are lovely! It was big -- like the size of Zoey. And then I saw one in a field as I was driving in the valley later. I told Kim about it and said how pretty they were and that I did not understand why there was that phrase "coyote ugly". He laughed and then explained what that really means, and it doesn't have anything to do with a coyote being ugly -- just in case you did not know that :)

So, one funny thing that Mrs. Maize does is that when she is ready for bed, she just goes to bed. None of my other dogs do that -- they stay out with me but Maize just heads for the bedroom and puts herself to bed. If the door is closed, she scratches to get let in -- when she is tired, she is tired and wants to go to bed -- now.

Well, little Sydney does the exact same thing. When she is tired, she just marches into the bedroom and goes to her crate. If the door is closed, she scratches to get let in! Just like Maize!

Isn't this a sweet picture of Syd? And also of Syd and Noah?

Zoey drives the other dogs crazy with her incessant desire to cuddle. Cadi has big personal space issues, and if another dog touches her she leaps up as if she has been stung and runs off. Halo and Maize growl when Zoey does her cuddle bug routine, but they give up and move also. Only Asia puts up with it -- here is a series from this evening's cuddle time -- notice Zoey's smile. Abra used to smile like that :)

I hope you have someone to cuddle but if not, Cadi, Maize and Halo want you to know that Zoey is available!


  1. Ptolli had HUGE personal space issues. You could not touch her feet. And you definitely could not touch any part of her body with YOUR feet... When your Zoey smiles, she looks like our Tosca, who is always flopping down on top of somebody, oblivious to anyone's personal space. Tosca comes into the bathroom every morning for a snuggle and a hug... If she could merge with me into one being, I think that would make her happy.

  2. I often see Coyotes just 2 miles from my house in the heart of urban Portland. They are often out on the prowl near the airport when I go to pick up Potey at the airport from late flights around 9:30-11:00 pm. There have also been reports of them in the neighborhood! There is a long wide gully that runs next to the freeway about 3/4 of a mile away and we think they live down there.

    Peaches and Ochoco