Thursday, June 30, 2011

Traveling Clothes, Eagles, and One Mean Hawk

Some of you know that I have been searching high and low for my sparkly green show jacket. I had it in Blackfoot but it was no where to be found when I went looking for it for the Missoula shows. Dear Husband had done the laundry so I called him (since he was in Utah last week) to ask if he knew where the missing jacket was -- he had no idea and so I kept searching.

In my search I found many excellent things I had been missing and discovered that the dryer vent had a small leak -- but no jacket. It was very sad and humiliating to have to wear the same suit all three days of the Missoula shows :(

Well, Dear Husband came home this morning with a confession -- and the sparkly green jacket! He had taken it to Utah to be dry cleaned (since we have no dry cleaners in Montana ;) but did not remember doing it when I called him -- sigh... But at least it is back and clean!

And in other missing clothes news, my new Lucky Hanukkah Socks wound up in Colorado!!! That is what happens at shows -- on the last day when everyone is trying to pack/leave things get tossed all over and stuffed in the nearest bag -- it is why I have two combs but am missing my Mars Coat Thingee. Anyway, the socks are on their way back to Montana -- those are some well-traveled socks already!

Dear Husband and I went to lunch and when we came back we were greeted by a most amazing sight -- two bald eagles riding the currents over our house. I grabbed the ever ready camera and took pictures!

And then -- like a stealth bomber -- a hawk came from out of no where and whacked one of the eagles in midair!!! The eagles took the oh-so-subtle hint and flew away -- who knew birds could be just like people?!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Keeping the camera ready permits these kinds of pictures -- I just took them from the deck :)

Isn't Spot2 ADORABLE?!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Final Report

Today ended the Missoula shows, which was the last event in this busy month of June. Before we get to the summary, just a few pictures to share...

This is a picture of siblings Cooper Whitby and Sydney chilling together in the lower yard last night.

The view - I never get tired of it :)

So excited!!!!!! We have a new resident in the neighborhood -- Spot II! I saw her last night and am now carrying the camera at all times just in case, and I got lucky this morning but it is not the greatest picture because of the fence...

Thanks to Vic for these show photos from today -- not the greatest lighting but you can get the idea. This is Cooper Whitby -- he placed in a very nice open dog class.

This is Sydney -- I like how the picture shows her nice side gait. She did not do much today -- judge liked a good shoulder layback and the G Litter fault? Not good shoulder layback :)

This is Zaida Jamaica and I. She placed in a nice class so that was great.

Moving on to Zoey -- I showed her in Best of Breed and again, this shot shows her side gait. Zoey went Best of Opposite for her third GrCH major!

Alex showed Cadi in Best of Breed and Juniors -- Cadi was Select Bitch, earning her second GrCH major and then they got a second place in juniors! Alex did a great job and is just cool as a cucumber in the ring -- a wonderful quality :)

And Cindy and Gracie (from the D Litter) earned their second Novice A obedience leg!!!!

With my baby girls looking so nice and wildflowers all around, I took some pictures -- this is Sydney...

And Zoey...

And so ends a great month of dog fun and successes -- and friends. We started with the draft tests -- and came home with four new titles and two new Versatility Dogs (Mac and Zoey).

We then moved on to Blackfoot -- Zoey earned her NA, making her a Working Dog, and also picked up more Grand Championship (GrCH) points by going Best of Opposite every day; Mac earned two open agility legs.

Then we had our fun -- and I hope useful -- Camp Kaibab where we worked hard on draft, obedience, training ideas, and Ring Nerves.

And finally we did the three days of the Missoula show. Zoey was shown twice -- she was Best of Opposite both times and picked up two majors plus beat Cadi both days; a GrCH requires that the dog beat at least one other champion three times and Zoey has now fulfilled this requirement. She also has the required three majors, and has a total of 16 points -- so what she needs now is nine more points.

Cadi was Best of Opposite on the day I did not show Zoey, and that was a major towards her GrCH. With Alex showing her yesterday and today, she was Select Bitch both days, and earned a second major plus points. So Cadi has eight GrCH points, including two majors -- all earned this weekend when she was completely out of coat!

Zaida was Winner's Bitch yesterday and all of our class dogs (Cooper, Syd, and Zaida) did well in their classes and looked great. And Cindy/Gracie got those two obedience legs and Alex placed each day in his juniors class -- his first time showing a dog!

My goal is to breed versatile dogs -- I think we got it covered...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Show Update

On Sunday I showed Cooper, Zaida, Sydney and Cadi (!). Cooper and Zaida placed in their classes, Syd won her class, and Cadi was Best of Opposite, earning a three point major towards her Grand Championship. Alex (Cooper's human brother) showed Cadi in juniors and was third. Also, Cindy and Gracie earned their first Novice A obedience leg!!!!

Today (Monday) I showed Cooper, Zaida, and Zoey; Alex showed Cadi in Best of Breed and juniors. Cooper again placed in a really nice class, Zaida won her class and went Winner's Bitch (Yea!), Zoey was Best of Opposite for another major towards her Grand Championship, and Cadi (with Alex handling) was Select Bitch, earning two points towards her Grand Championship! And Alex and Cadi were second in their juniors class :)

Tomorrow we have everyone entered - I will be showing Cooper, Zaida, Sydney and Zoey; Alex will again show Cadi in juniors and Best of Breed. It should be a very wild day!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Pictures!

I am much too tired to say anything clever and so you will have to be content with pictures from Day Two of Camp Kaibab. We were busy today -- here is Cooper Whitby on the dog walk...

Okay Cooper Fans -- here is a shot of his head -- pretty intense!

This is Cadi and (son) Cooper doing a down stay...

Tara Geneva is a natural agility dog -- the Glitterati are simply BRILLIANT and I am very serious...

Husbands tend to think that all this dog stuff is SO easy so Vic took the challenge and did a course with Halo -- if you do not count hitting the narrows (once) and the cart (and dog) tipping over, he did GREAT!!!!! Here he is figuring out the harness...

And his second try through the narrows -- success!!!!

What a good sport! Unlike some Dear Husbands (aka Kim and Ralph and Keith) at least Vic showed up -- and never mind that he is only here because his fishing trip was canceled ;)

Moving on... Mrs. Maize added Camp Counselor to her impressive resume and continued to help Campers learn how to draft.

Halo also served as a Camp Counselor...

Zaida Jamaica is a natural draft dog -- and extra cute :)

Our new friend, Tucker, was all tuckered out!!!

And of course we did family pictures -- three generations! Mrs. Maize, daughter Cadi, and Cadi's children, Tara Geneva, Sydney Sydney, Zaida Jamaica, and Cooper Whitby

Three Glitterati girls, Tara Geneva, Sydney Sydney, Zaida Jamaica

Just Sydney

Just Tara Geneva

Mrs. Maize's daughter, Gracie (from the D Litter)

Our Happy Campers...

And I end with this lovely shot of our practice freight haul, down our driveway...

And so ends a fun Camp Kaibab -- until next year... and now on to the three days of the Missoula show :)

Friday, June 24, 2011


Fast update as we are heading for dinner soon - but here are some pictures from Day 1! Mrs. Maize is beyond happy at having visitors so she can revive her second favorite role: Miss Congeniality! Here she is helping Alex learn how to draft...

This is our non-Kaibab friend, Tucker, with his parents, Byron and Yoshi...

Barb and Zaida Jamaica -- that is one SMART puppy!!!!

Dear Husband had to go to Utah so Alex fed Chippy, who showed off his fence running skills to the appreciative crowd (Chippy, not Alex!).

Cooper Whitby -- WOW!!!

Grace from Maize's second litter will be showing in obedience this weekend and she looks very ready :)

Cadi and Alex

Tara Geneva -- not sure she could be any cuter!!!!

Very fun to have four from the Glitterati together -- group photos tomorrow!

Friday Topics/Plan

The Friday Camp Kaibab Schedule

Discussion of Goals
Training Concepts (i.e., Reinforcement, Consequences, Motivation, Luring/Shaping, Threshold, LTU's)
Attention & Attitude -- what does it look like and how to get it
Heeling/Controlled Walking
Planning a Draft Practice
Walking the Course
Draft Practice on Course
Ring Nerves

Let the fun begin :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just Zoey

To celebrate these frantic days of cleaning and getting ready for Camp Kaibab, I relaxed by giving Zoey a bath and she looked so lovely that I took some pictures...

I love these poppies -- and this dog :)

Can you guess what Zoey was looking at so intently when I took the pictures? Well, look at the next picture -- it is what happened after I threw what she was looking at :)

Check back tomorrow for Camp Kaibab pictures! And have a great evening :)

Let the Games Begin!

Frantic activity underway here as we prepare for a special group of Campers who are making the trek to western Montana to train for two days at Camp Kaibab. I am hopeful the stunning views will help them not notice that a bad back and a perfect garden are incompatible :) This picture is from this morning as the sun was coming up...

Mrs. Maize is all set to welcome the Campers, which include three of her grandchildren!

Camp Kaibab starts tomorrow -- we will be discussing learning theories, practicing breaking behavior into Least Trainable Units, working on obedience, perfecting draft training/performance, and reducing Ring Nerves; of course Camp begins with fresh, hot chocolate chip scones :)

We will miss Carol, who had to cancel due to a family emergency at the last minute -- and Kay/Sue, who also had to change their plans. But the little group of six remaining campers will leave with new skills and knowledge that will support whatever goals they set for themselves and their wonderful dogs :)

The two days of Camp will be followed by three days of showing in Missoula (conformation and I think one obedience entry from our group) -- I will post daily with pictures.

We wish you were here but hope whatever your plans are that they are fun ones :)