Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Final Report

Today ended the Missoula shows, which was the last event in this busy month of June. Before we get to the summary, just a few pictures to share...

This is a picture of siblings Cooper Whitby and Sydney chilling together in the lower yard last night.

The view - I never get tired of it :)

So excited!!!!!! We have a new resident in the neighborhood -- Spot II! I saw her last night and am now carrying the camera at all times just in case, and I got lucky this morning but it is not the greatest picture because of the fence...

Thanks to Vic for these show photos from today -- not the greatest lighting but you can get the idea. This is Cooper Whitby -- he placed in a very nice open dog class.

This is Sydney -- I like how the picture shows her nice side gait. She did not do much today -- judge liked a good shoulder layback and the G Litter fault? Not good shoulder layback :)

This is Zaida Jamaica and I. She placed in a nice class so that was great.

Moving on to Zoey -- I showed her in Best of Breed and again, this shot shows her side gait. Zoey went Best of Opposite for her third GrCH major!

Alex showed Cadi in Best of Breed and Juniors -- Cadi was Select Bitch, earning her second GrCH major and then they got a second place in juniors! Alex did a great job and is just cool as a cucumber in the ring -- a wonderful quality :)

And Cindy and Gracie (from the D Litter) earned their second Novice A obedience leg!!!!

With my baby girls looking so nice and wildflowers all around, I took some pictures -- this is Sydney...

And Zoey...

And so ends a great month of dog fun and successes -- and friends. We started with the draft tests -- and came home with four new titles and two new Versatility Dogs (Mac and Zoey).

We then moved on to Blackfoot -- Zoey earned her NA, making her a Working Dog, and also picked up more Grand Championship (GrCH) points by going Best of Opposite every day; Mac earned two open agility legs.

Then we had our fun -- and I hope useful -- Camp Kaibab where we worked hard on draft, obedience, training ideas, and Ring Nerves.

And finally we did the three days of the Missoula show. Zoey was shown twice -- she was Best of Opposite both times and picked up two majors plus beat Cadi both days; a GrCH requires that the dog beat at least one other champion three times and Zoey has now fulfilled this requirement. She also has the required three majors, and has a total of 16 points -- so what she needs now is nine more points.

Cadi was Best of Opposite on the day I did not show Zoey, and that was a major towards her GrCH. With Alex showing her yesterday and today, she was Select Bitch both days, and earned a second major plus points. So Cadi has eight GrCH points, including two majors -- all earned this weekend when she was completely out of coat!

Zaida was Winner's Bitch yesterday and all of our class dogs (Cooper, Syd, and Zaida) did well in their classes and looked great. And Cindy/Gracie got those two obedience legs and Alex placed each day in his juniors class -- his first time showing a dog!

My goal is to breed versatile dogs -- I think we got it covered...

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