Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bad Luck Socks

Life is a series of ups and downs, and if one remembers this simple reality then there is nothing to do but laugh and complain and whine when the roller coaster we call life takes a dip...

So the first problem was that in spite of having about 30 draft titles, I incorrectly harnessed Zoey -- yes, I admit it. I forgot to put the shafts through the loops -- sigh. I caught it quickly -- but the judge caught it quicker! Seriously the rest of her run was a work of art - so Zoey passed and I flunked. Oh well -- I am human and I was wearing the wrong socks -- and that is my story.

Mac also had a great open run -- he can back four feet -- while sitting!!!! His out of sight stay was great and he was rocking the freight haul pulling all that weight in and out and up and down -- until the very end when that darn tree clearly needed to be watered and he headed off to handle that task but instead -- perhaps startled by my shriek -- hit it with the cart shaft and sent a chunk of bark flying. Sigh.

Unfortunately we were one of the early teams and so all day I heard back about the huge chunk of bark missing from the tree from all those who went on later freight hauls and -- well -- you just imagine the fun we all (!) had about the harnessing misadventure.

So no new titles but fun pictures! This is Cooper Whitby with his family...

Jennifer and Cooper came very close to passing -- their ring exercises were stunningly good and consider that Jennifer has never seen a draft test, let alone been in one. We are very proud of Team Cooper Whitby!!!!!

Elliott from the D Litter also looked great and came close to passing -- he is a lovely and well-loved boy :)

Cooper Whitby's human brother, Alex, will be showing Cadi in Juniors soon -- here they are bonding...

And speaking of bonding, we made a new friend and Zoey made sure she felt welcomed!

Here is Zoey showing our new friend, Lois, that yes, berners really are lap dogs!! We meet the best people because of our dogs :) :)

And here are three pictures of Mac during the test today...

Now I need to go rummage through my dirty clothes and find those Lucky Hanukkah Socks... And Cindy -- Camp Kaibab will be heavy on Narrows -- you will be a pro before you leave :)

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