Friday, June 24, 2011


Fast update as we are heading for dinner soon - but here are some pictures from Day 1! Mrs. Maize is beyond happy at having visitors so she can revive her second favorite role: Miss Congeniality! Here she is helping Alex learn how to draft...

This is our non-Kaibab friend, Tucker, with his parents, Byron and Yoshi...

Barb and Zaida Jamaica -- that is one SMART puppy!!!!

Dear Husband had to go to Utah so Alex fed Chippy, who showed off his fence running skills to the appreciative crowd (Chippy, not Alex!).

Cooper Whitby -- WOW!!!

Grace from Maize's second litter will be showing in obedience this weekend and she looks very ready :)

Cadi and Alex

Tara Geneva -- not sure she could be any cuter!!!!

Very fun to have four from the Glitterati together -- group photos tomorrow!


  1. I think I have a crush on Cooper...

  2. Lisa..let's start a Fan Club for Cooper, aka Whitby. :D