Thursday, June 23, 2011

Let the Games Begin!

Frantic activity underway here as we prepare for a special group of Campers who are making the trek to western Montana to train for two days at Camp Kaibab. I am hopeful the stunning views will help them not notice that a bad back and a perfect garden are incompatible :) This picture is from this morning as the sun was coming up...

Mrs. Maize is all set to welcome the Campers, which include three of her grandchildren!

Camp Kaibab starts tomorrow -- we will be discussing learning theories, practicing breaking behavior into Least Trainable Units, working on obedience, perfecting draft training/performance, and reducing Ring Nerves; of course Camp begins with fresh, hot chocolate chip scones :)

We will miss Carol, who had to cancel due to a family emergency at the last minute -- and Kay/Sue, who also had to change their plans. But the little group of six remaining campers will leave with new skills and knowledge that will support whatever goals they set for themselves and their wonderful dogs :)

The two days of Camp will be followed by three days of showing in Missoula (conformation and I think one obedience entry from our group) -- I will post daily with pictures.

We wish you were here but hope whatever your plans are that they are fun ones :)

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  1. So so sad that I will not be there! But I will be thinking of you every day. Please have everyone think positive thoughts as Mav and I go for try #11 to get our draft title. Yes 11. I counted last night.