Sunday, June 12, 2011

My New Friend: Spot

This weekend was the Montana tracking test, and unfortunately I was not entered because preparing a dog for the TDX test is beyond what my back could handle at this time. And so instead I volunteered to help, and that meant that both yesterday and today I drove the 150 mile round trip to the test site.

I will admit to feeling a bit sorry for myself -- the test conditions are so perfect and I just love tracking -- giving up such a close test because someone blew a stop sign?! That hardly seems fair to me :(

But I have also learned to just have faith that things work out, and that being crabby over what is lost prevents us from enjoying what is -- and that we are never left without some kind of a gift or blessing, even when it seems all has been lost.

And so I found a new friend to remind me of that today -- someone so special and magical that I am left just awestruck at how we are never left without comfort, never really alone in our hardships and disappointments.

I could have stayed home and felt sorry for myself -- but I would have missed the gift left for me, the blessing that reminds me to trust the path I find myself on, even if it is not one that I planned or wanted...

Thanks to Elizabeth for letting me know me know that the embedded video might not work -- the YouTube link is:

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  1. I'm so glad I hunted the video down at YouTube directly, when the embedded video didn't work... Because I actually sucked in my breath when you nearly tripped over... SPOT! How incredible! Hopefully he/she moved before a dog had to come traipsing by... And that POOR dog -- choose the track or choose the deer scent! Tough choice!