Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Very Clever Surprise

In yesterday's mail I received an anonymous gift -- at least I think it is a gift :) I could not make out a postmark and do not have the technology to do fingerprinting or handwriting analysis but my hunch is that the sender is from Washington or Oregon, which narrows it down only slightly...

Due to limitations of my camera, I had to take a picture with my cell phone so not the best but here it is:

So, it is a magnet and on it is a picture of the unfortunate and surprisingly significant damage that the poor tree suffered during the assault (aka Mac/M-A/cart vs. Tree). And do you see what is written in the area of stripped bark (which was big enough to practically write a book)?!!!!??? "M-A + Mac" -- in a heart, no less!!!! Yes, someone has a wicked sense of humor -- sigh...

And yes indeed -- one should laugh when the roller coaster of life takes a dip -- or strips away bark -- or pride ;)

I seriously laughed out loud when I saw this mystery gift and could not wait to show Dear Husband, who also thought it was quite hilarious and clever. And now I share it with you -- and send a public thanks to whoever sent it. Thanks for a most excellent gift/surprise/reminder -- it has a place of honor on our frig and makes me smile every time I look at it :) :)

Very, very clever indeed -- wouldn't you agree?!

We are off to Blackfoot, Idaho today for four days of agility (Mac and Zoey) and four days of Best of Breed (Zoey). Last year I took four dogs to this tent camping/dog show adventure but the roller coaster dips of this year mean just two dogs can go -- oh well, my new magnet reminds me to just keep smiling -- and that things that go down must also go up.

So hang on friends, and enjoy the ride -- and like my clever magnet friend -- let's practice surprise acts of random kindness this week because -- wow -- they have a big impact :)


  1. OMG! That must've been quite an impact!

  2. Wow! No wonder the tree incident got so much coverage! It was a big wound!

  3. Before seeing this picture, I thought it was a much smaller wound on the tree...nothing this noteworthy! Looks like Paul Bunyon (sp?) was testing his ax.. ;D

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