Monday, June 27, 2011

Show Update

On Sunday I showed Cooper, Zaida, Sydney and Cadi (!). Cooper and Zaida placed in their classes, Syd won her class, and Cadi was Best of Opposite, earning a three point major towards her Grand Championship. Alex (Cooper's human brother) showed Cadi in juniors and was third. Also, Cindy and Gracie earned their first Novice A obedience leg!!!!

Today (Monday) I showed Cooper, Zaida, and Zoey; Alex showed Cadi in Best of Breed and juniors. Cooper again placed in a really nice class, Zaida won her class and went Winner's Bitch (Yea!), Zoey was Best of Opposite for another major towards her Grand Championship, and Cadi (with Alex handling) was Select Bitch, earning two points towards her Grand Championship! And Alex and Cadi were second in their juniors class :)

Tomorrow we have everyone entered - I will be showing Cooper, Zaida, Sydney and Zoey; Alex will again show Cadi in juniors and Best of Breed. It should be a very wild day!

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