Friday, April 3, 2009

Glitterati Updates

So the bad news is that the transmission has to be replaced in the van and the really bad news is that it costs FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. This van is two years old but has about 75,000 miles so past the original warranty BUT the good news is that we have an extended warranty on it and that is paying for the new transmission! I probably do not need to tell you how relieved I was to hear that news :)

So I drove the rental car (also covered by the extended warranty) and came to Utah for two days with Zoey and Sydney -- yes, I actually got permission to have a crate for dogs in the rental car. I arrived last night but did not tell Kim I was coming -- I wish I would have had a camera to capture his expression when I walked in -- it was a great surprise :)

I got to see Rainey (formerly Toronto) last night and also today when Joan and I went tracking in a blizzard -- will I ever get away from snow and cold?! Rainey is LOVELY -- much bigger than Sydney, tons of bone, lovely head, and just a nice, solid temperament.

I recently got some cute pictures of GLitter puppies...

Here is our Rock Star, Ruben (Hudson) and we were so right -- recently he filmed his first commercial! Hopefully they cleaned him up first -- apparently he enjoys dirt, as you can see...

Mika (Ireland) is enjoying life in California. Recently an obedience judge from California who is also Mika's trainer told a friend of the Glitterati who was serving as her steward that day (in Utah) all about how wonderful Mika is in class -- isn't it a small world? And how nice to hear such good things about Mika :)

Cooper (Whitby) now lives in Oregon where he is a big hit everywhere he goes :) We are looking forward to seeing him and his family in Oregon soon -- Mika and her parents will also be there!

And here is a fun picture of Zoey and Asia that I took a few days ago.

I hope you are enjoying spring weather that does not involve snow!

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  1. D'you know, the Flitter and Glitter blogs seem to have created a permanent bond for all of us followers. I LOVE to hear about them and their progress. Any chance we can all have a get-together in Portland? I'll be there all week; scheduling would no doubt be complicated, but I bet everyone would love it if it can be arranged.

    As for the van: whew!

    Susan and Djinn