Saturday, April 25, 2009

Back to Regularly Scheduled Programming

Before we resume the Specialty schedule, let me observe the obvious reality that life is fragile and our tomorrows are not guaranteed. Bad things happen to all of us, and they are reminders not to get too complacent. It is easy to ask ourselves, "why me" when bad things happen and how tempting it is to be bitter and cynical -- but that is a choice. I will never forget what Kathy shared with me about the loss of her daughter in a car accident -- she told me how she initially asked, "why me" and eventually it came to be, "why not me?"

None of us are immune from tragedies, or too special for hardship. We do not wish for them but there they are -- opportunities for growth and tests of our character. We can choose to become angry and broken, or we can simply dust ourselves off and reflect on what lessons can be learned that will give this experience some meaning.

Last Sunday Kim was in an accident in his patrol car while on duty -- he was shaken up but he is okay. On Monday it was discovered that the brakes in our Jeep that he is driving to Montana today had been tampered with while getting an oil change; Kim was in uniform when he had the oil changed and was targeted because he is a cop. On Tuesday Cadi began her obstruction roller coaster. On Wednesday I expected her to die. On Thursday I expected her to die. It has been a rough week.

But how grateful I am that Kim was not injured, and that the grease on the brakes was found so quickly and before tragedy could strike Kim and/or some child crossing the street in front of a car with no brakes. What a blessing that the oil change company is taking full responsibility for what happened, and that a good mechanic caught it just four miles after the oil change. How grateful I am that Cadi has survived, and that I have enjoyed the support of wonderful people. Yes, a rough week but like a kaleidoscope, we can control the picture that we choose to see.

Cadi was a big focus of this Specialty and so suddenly my week in Portland is much less hectic. Here is the remainder of the Kaibab dogs' Specialty schedule -- Grace is not coming so she is off the schedule, unfortunately.

Agility -- Maize, Maverick, Fiona, Elliott
Draft -- Maverick, Dillon
Puppy Sweeps -- Purna, Zoey and Zed (all from the F Litter)

Draft (if the dog did not pass the day before) -- Maverick, Dillon
Rally -- Maize, Dillon, Maddie, Elliott
Veterans Sweeps -- Maize
Futurity (a special puppy beauty pageant class) -- Zed, Zoey, Purna

Obedience -- Fiona, Elliott, Dillon, Maverick
Regular Beauty Pageant -- Zed
Versatility Beauty Pageant -- Maize

Regular Beauty Pageant -- Fiona, Zoey, Purna
Junior Showpersonship -- our sweet friends, twins Molly and Megan, will be showing

Veterans Beauty Pageant -- Maize
Best of Breed -- Asia

This is a big, big show with LOVELY dogs -- it is never disappointing to lose in the company of excellence. Our goal is to do our best, have fun, and enjoy the gift of being able to be with our many friends.

And how about a couple of pictures from this morning? This first one is now five month old (!) Sydney. Look back at Cadi's picture from a couple of days ago and you will see why we call her Cadi Junior (among other things :).

As usual, Zoey wants to be better buddies with Asia than Asia wants to be with Zoey -- but Asia is a good sport. Both girls did their final track before the Specialty yesterday and did a wonderful job :)

Thanks again for all your support. I hope to see some of you in Portland -- well, I would love to see all of you in Portland but I suspect that will not happen :) Have a grateful weekend.


  1. Again, first thing to the computer this morning to make sure everyting was still off the roller-coaster. Well yes, but you had neglected to tell us about the rest of the terrifying rides. I'm more tha ever glad that everything is okay.

    And I will see you at Agility, where I'll be volunteering.


  2. Mary-Ann, safe travels and have a wonderful Specialty. I'll be rooting for your family from the other Portland!