Sunday, April 19, 2009

Got Faith?

I thought you might enjoy seeing pictures of Faith. As you may recall, she was the 9 ounce puppy (aka Lolo) who needed a lot of support to keep going, and we were not sure she was going to be normal. Aside from a very nasty bladder infection, Faith has been healthy and seems perfectly normal. Here she is on the morning hike...

And here is her big sister -- the Beauty Queen, Asia...

We are tracking again this morning - the two tracks are aging now and Galen and Heidi will be laying the cross tracks soon. After today, Asia and Cadi will each do one more track before the test, which is in eight days -- yikes! I am not sure how we could be any more prepared but anything could happen :)

I will post the Specialty schedule for all Kaibab dogs later this week, and will be posting daily results and pictures from Portland.

I hope you are enjoying your day -- it is a choice, you know!

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad you're posting your Specialty schedule, as I certainly want to be there for as much as possible and that requires a LOT of planning -- there's so much to do!

    See you there...

    Susan and Djinn (who will be there too)