Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday News!

The day started with Kim singing the national anthem :)

Then it was puppy sweeps -- HUGE classes of lovely puppies. In the 6 - 9 puppy boy class, our very own Zed (from the F Litter) took third place! This is a very, very nice accomplishment! And then littermate Zoey was fourth in the 6 - 9 month puppy girl class -- with an entry of thirty! We were bursting our buttons over littermates placing in such great classes :)

It was off to agility after that. Molly and Fiona (Zack and Maize) won Highest Scoring Dog in FAST, and also won their open standard class!

Maize won the award for oldest qualifying dog -- a third place in her FAST class :) My friend Kris ran Maize for me in that class since I was off showing Zoey. This is me running Maize in another class.

Tomorrow is beauty pageant stuff and rally. I hope you are having a good week -- thanks for checking in!

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