Monday, April 27, 2009

Day One

We made it to Portland without incident and settled into our rather large suite at the hotel. Today was tracking. Zoey passed, earning her Tracking Dog title (TD) at seven months! Asia had the last track of the day and did not appreciate the sun -- she never really got going. No matter -- we had a good day :)

Our friend, Kathy, who is a vet came over to check Cadi out tonight and change her bandage -- that was super nice and very helpful. Cadi is doing very well, as you can see by this picture of her:

Cadi's baby girl, Zaida (aka Jamaica), is here -- isn't she cute?

And we got to see Peaches from the F Litter...

And also Maddie from the F Litter...

Specialties are BUSY and exhausting -- I am off to bed to rest up for tomorrow's adventures (agility and puppy sweeps).


  1. Congratulations Zoey! Just being at the Specialty with a recovering Cadi and safe husband are victories, so everything from here on is icing on the cake. Go for the candles too.
    Karen and Maya (Flitter)

  2. Glad to hear the Kaibab troop is intact, and successful already! Glitter brother Rainey wishes his mom had her act together to go somewhere so fun, but all he got to do was practice his down-stay in the park!

  3. How wonderful to see Cadi sitting up and looking around... Thanks for that! And congratulations to your Zoey TD!