Friday, April 24, 2009

Heading Towards It's a Small World (I think)

Just a quick update -- I just spent an hour on the phone with the vet because we have different ideas about what is best. We were able to develop a plan that we can both live with, and I feel okay it.

Cadi is doing very well now -- she is eating, pooping and etc. but anyone who knows Cadi can understand that right now she is a danger to herself with her crazy, happy, exuberant personality. And so she will stay at the vet until Sunday morning with no visits from me, and then Kim and I will go over and hide while they load a mildly sedated Cadi in her crate in our van. We will then drive to Portland for the Specialty, and Cadi will spend the week being quietly trapped in a crate and/or x-pen.

This plan assumes no new problems but right now I feel confident that we are finally on the right path and that Cadi will be just fine. This has been a terrible week, but made better by the excellent company on this crazy, corkscrew of a roller coaster -- I think we are heading for calm waters now (hence the subject of this post -- do you get it?).

Today is Kim's birthday so Happy Birthday to him -- he is driving up here tomorrow so I need to add, "get birthday present" to my long list of things to do. As you might imagine, that list has only been growing this week.

Thanks again for all your wonderful emails, comments and calls -- it has made a big difference. If you are in Portland, I hope you will stop by and visit Cadi -- but maybe after about Wednesday :)


  1. What a relief! I had to go out this morning, just got home -- and suddenly the sun is out again. Nice Birthday present for Kim.

    See you in Portland.


  2. Yes! We've been checking the blog all day, almost obsessively. Thank goodness she's ok!!

    Much love from the midwest Kaibab crew,

    Liz, Sam, Kiko, & Tara

  3. Cadi's well being is of the utmost importance right now. I know you want to be with her. But I totaly understand the vet wanting you to stay away for a few days till she is better. I know my Starz absolutely goes nuts when I see her as well so I can imagine Cadi going nuts when she sees you. We delope such a great bond with our dogs. And they just love us as much as we love them. I am so happy that Cadi is doing better and have every confidence that she will be fine when you leave for Portland. She is more important that any show. And she will be going to them when she is all better.
    My prayers are with you

    Jean Munger