Monday, April 20, 2009

Specialty Schedule and Sheep

It is time to start announcing the Specialty Schedule -- I will do it by day since the handy, color-coded chart I made does not post to the Blog. Although other Kaibab dogs will be attending, here are the dogs that will be competing in events:

CH Kaibab's Anasazi Corn Moon UD, AX, AXJ, TD, OAP, OJP, NF, NFP, RE, DD, BDD, VCD2, CGC ("Maize")

CH Kaibab's Cruising Arcadia NA, TD, RN, NDD, CGC ("Cadi" -- Maize/Marshall daughter)
Kaibab's Cruising Mavericks RN ("Maverick" -- Maize/Marshall son)
Kaibab's Cruising Together CD, RE ("Dillon" -- Maize/Marshall son)

Kaibab's Double Your Fun NA, NAJ ("Fiona" -- Maize/Zack daughter)
Kaibab's Deep Devotion RN ("Grace" -- Maize/Zack daughter)
Kaibab's Dash Across the Moon NJP, NFP, RA ("Elliot" -- Maize/Zack son)

CH Enter from the East TD ("Asia" -- Halo/Zack 1.0 daughter)

Kaibab'z Forever Bright ("Zoey" -- Halo/Zack 2.0 daughter)
Kaibab'z Five Z's Zed ("Zed" -- Halo/Zack 2.0 son)
Kaibab'z Forget Me Not ("Purna" -- Halo/Zack 2.0 daughter)
Kaibab'z Free Spirit ("Maddie" -- Halo/Zack 2.0 daughter)

Kaibab Specialty Events for Monday, April 27

Cadi and Asia will be in the Tracking Dog Excellent test
Zoey will be in the Tracking Dog test
Maddie and Grace will be in Herding

And here are a couple of pictures that Barb sent -- it is Maddie (Madison from the F Litter)getting the first leg of her HCT -- I know nothing about herding so someone else needs to tell us what that stands for -- but it could be Herding Capability Test????!!

Tomorrow I will post the Tuesday schedule. It is hard to believe that in a week we will be there!

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  1. HCT is "herding capability tested" and usually indicates what type of stock the dog was tested on. For example, HCT-s is "herding capability tested-sheep". The complete test requires two runs, each under a different judge. The first leg basically requires that the dog be interested in the sheep, be confident enough to move them around, but not be aggressive (cutting one animal out of the flock and then running it down is a no-no). The second leg requires a bit more as the dog must keep the flock of three together and move them from place to place and must leave the sheep and return to the handler when called. The judge gives you a lot of coaching so it's not a scary test--really a very supportive experience. Maddie had fun--and what a boost to her confidence!