Thursday, April 23, 2009

Good News!

The vet called to tell me that Cadi stabilized early this morning and she now believes that Cadi is going to be okay -- what an incredible relief. And how grateful I am to everyone who offered support, prayers, and good thoughts because they certainly helped me not to feel so alone up here in the midst of crisis.

It is hard to move and have to develop all those new relationships that we just take for granted -- friends, professionals, grocery clerks, dry cleaners, and so on. Those relationships buffer us when life throws a crazy curve ball, and allow stability in the face of chaos. I do not really have all that in Montana (yet) but I have such great friends all over the country who sent their encouragement and support, and that truly helped. So thank you -- for thinking of us, for sending your thoughts, and for being supportive. I hope you feel the special joy that comes from knowing that you did make a difference.


  1. Mary-Ann, I am so happy to read this. I've been up with our puppy (Lottie is about 2 weeks younger than the Glitter pups) and checking my reader to see if you had any updates. I posted a prayer request last night for Cadi, so you had good karma coming from more places than you realize.

    I am hoping to meet you next week in Portland.

  2. So relieved for you, and for Cadi. May her recovery continue smoothly!

  3. Thank you so much for using 'Good News' as your headline -- I went to the computer first thing this morning, and I was SO glad to see those words!

    It's hard not to have your supporters right there with you -- but clearly, they (we)exist on the scrim of your life.

    With continuing good thoughts for Cadi,

    Susan and Djinn

  4. Ditto Susan's words! I ran to the computer this morning and was relieved to hear the good news! Go Cadi, way to pull through this!!

  5. So happy to read that Cadi has stabilized... I recognized that horrible disappointment you expressed for this not being Cadi's specialty after all... Took me a moment to remember why... Kentucky was going to be a wonderful time with the whole family and both dogs... Ptolli's loss to bloat ended that plan. I know you are so very grateful that you have the chance to hug Cadi again and make a new plan. Hugs to all.