Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This is Elliott from yesterday's agility trial -- he is Maize and Zack. Today he won the Rally Excellent A class!

And here is Zoey (and me) in Futurity today..

And Kim's version of her official show photo :) Zoey has managed to win $210 in the past two days by placing in the only two classes that actually offer prize money!

And here are Zoey and Zed getting their picture done for their matching third place finishes.

Finally, here is our Miss Cadi. Her personal Specialty vet came over again today and checked her out -- Cadi is doing very, very well :)

Tonight is the official Welcome Reception -- it feels like we have been here for a month so strange to now be having that reception! Tomorrow we have the day off but will be cheering for Zed as he shows in his last beauty pageant class, and we will be watching obedience to support the Kaibab dogs competing in those classes.

I hope your week is going at least as well as our is! Thanks for checking in :)

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  1. Cadi is a winner, too! She looks great in her t-shirt.