Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Thoughts Needed

Cooper (Whitby) had surgery this afternoon -- he was obstructed with the plastic squeaker from inside of a toy. You can imagine that Jennifer -- who also has a sick child -- is beside herself. Let's all think good thought for our little guy and his family.


  1. Aw, poor pup and poor family, I hope he does well. Our Sam had a "sockectomy" at 5 months. Scary, but we all got through it.

  2. My thoughts & prayers are for Whitby/Cooper. My Mieke had a corn-cobectomy...(don't know where she found it, since we don't eat corn on the cob). Kept me from going to the National in L'ville. But, no way would I leave my baby.

    Sometimes I wonder if BMDs have a goat somewhere in their ancestry... ~

  3. Poor Cooper and family! Good thoughts to
    all of them!
    Jill with Gabby and Rev(who eats socks and cans-sigh)