Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring on the Mountain

Okay friends -- they have a funny idea of spring here in Montana. Today we got about ten inches of snow!!! I had gone into town where there was no snow at all, and only got about one-half mile past the mailboxes and had to just leave the van in a pull-out and start walking home because of the slippery snow. A neighbor came by and gave me a ride, which was very nice. This is the most snow I have seen up here -- incredible!

And you know what snow means!! Beautiful, fun pictures of snowbound berners -- enjoy!

We start with Cadi and Zoey -- Zoey's favorite thing is to get Cadi running so she can chase her.

Here is Sydney after being a snow bulldozer.

And here is cute Syd again.

And these are two pictures of Syd with her grandma, Maize.

Just Maize...

You may not know this, but in addition to her zillions of working titles, Maize also has the title of Chief of the Fun Police. In this role, she must bark if anyone is having fun in her jurisdiction. As you can see by the next two pictures, Maize takes her job seriously!

Asia also wound up with a big blob of snow on her nose.

I love this picture! It is a mother -daughter shot of Halo and Asia; Asia is the bigger one.

Finally, here is most of the gang enjoying the lovely spring weather!

Isn't life fun? Surprises and adventures around every turn -- although right now my van is around the turn for some and I sure hope nobody hits it as that might be just a little TOO much adventure!


  1. I think there is always a designated "fun police" officer in every bunch... And boy, are they LOUD!

  2. Snow makes beautiful pictures