Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Dream Comes True

There are no words to adequately convey what happened today -- the simple version is that I achieved a goal but truly that is so inadequate. An adventure I started years ago with Abra was completed today when Asia earned her TDX -- my first one.

She did her track of nearly 1000 yards in 20 minutes -- I do not have time to tell the whole story but thanks to Elizabethanne for these pictures and for going with me today and sharing one of the best dog days of my life :)

Here we are on the track...

Hugging Wendy, our tracklayer. Wendy is a judge who certified Asia as a puppy and who also certified Halo (Asia's mom). Both Wendy and I were in tears -- amazing day.

Me with CH Kaibab's Enter from East TDX, DD!!!!!

Elizabethanne titled this picture, "Powered by McDonald's" and that is so true -- their dollar menu is great for tracking celebrations!

The official picture :)

The track map

Tanner and Jake created a symbol for what they call Asia -- Tracking Dog Extreme!

There is no way your day could have been better than mine -- but I hope it was close! Now off to celebrate Dear Husband's birthday :)


  1. Way to go!!!!!!!! Congratulations! Woo Hoo1

  2. WHAT A FANTASTIC ACHIEVEMENT!! WOO HOO! ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!! And I know how hard you have worked for this...the many, many months of training...and the sheer effort you put in to lay (and then age) and then run those long tracks when it would be sooo easy to relax at home after working all day.

    So congratulations--both to Asia and her hardworking handler!