Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday D Litter

Today is the D Litter's (Zack and Maize) fourth birthday :) I will share D Litter pictures all week as they come in but we will start with two of the girls -- Brighton and Joy.


Carol shares, "Brighton wasn't too excited about her Birthday crown/hat. Brighton has been with Sharon and me in Iowa City for eight months now. She's as close as it gets to the black and gold coloring of an 'Iowa Hawkeye'.

Brighton joins Sharon's German Short-haired Pointer Fannie that she rescued in July 2008. Brighton and Fannie love to play. Fannie loves to run and run and run and play but Brighton has convinced her to run less and play more. Fannie is the very sweet, sit perfectly, totally silent type. Brighton is the very sweet, very cuddly, sit perfectly sometimes, me-first, totally vocal type.

Sharon is the volleyball coach at the University of Iowa and has tried to run a marathon or half marathon for the last eight years. She has always included our dogs in her training runs (her previous lab and my previous berner). Sharon has even been able to run both Fannie and Brighton at the same time - something she could never do with our previous dogs. Of course, Brighton gets dropped off at home after a mile and Sharon and Fannie continue for a couple more miles. We also enjoy taking them to the wonderful dog-park in our community.

Brighton and Fannie are just the cuddliest - and have both helped heal the sad losses of my 11.5 yr old berner in August of 2008 and Sharon's 14 yr old lab in March of 2008. They've filled our hearts with joy and laughter and our home with dog hair again and it's all a blessing.

I'm forever grateful to Mary-Ann and to Brighton's first family Cole, Bre and Chase Taylor for the big personality Brighton. I know Brighton misses sharing pizza crust with Cole! Bless Cole for his military service to our country."


Joy lives with Ashlee and the two girls earned Ashlee's MFA last year -- Ashlee is a beautiful and talented actress! Ashlee's mom, Kathy, just got back from visiting "the girls" and shared that picture with me.

We all look forward to getting updates and photos from other D Litter Birthday dogs...

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