Saturday, May 1, 2010

FYI RE: Pet Insurance

I wanted to share that although I dragged my feet about it, I eventually signed the dogs up for health insurance and I am REALLY glad I did. When Asia had the abscess on her mouth, the insurance paid 90% of the bill after a $50 deductible. It really gives me peace of mind to know that I do not have to worry about huge vet bills so I wanted to pass along that I am a believer now. I am using VPI Pet Insurance and you can get more info at

I have no affiliation with the company -- I just know that my experience with them has been good, and a couple of my friends are using them and also have good things to say.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Just a note. VPI pays on a set schedule. That works out well if you are in a rural or somewhat rural area where the vet fees are in line with their schedule. But if you live in the Northeast or near a city in California that schedule is a joke. I had VPI and they paid pennies on the dollars of claims I submitted. They do pay promptly and exactly as their policy is worded.

  2. Mary-Ann

    What policy did you purchase? I have been looking into it myself.


  3. Pet insurance can really help a lot in so many ways. But try to search for reliable ones. They are also scams out there for those kinds of insurance.
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