Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Guess who is going to the Specialty??? Take a look and see...

Yes indeed -- I just couldn't decide and so everyone is going :) I sure hope the Puppy Nannies come through because we are going to need some help keeping everyone entertained!!

So, let me share the Specialty schedule...

I leave on Friday at 4:30 a.m. for Utah where our son, Jake, graduates at 1:45 p.m. from the University of Utah with every honor imaginable. We are proud of Jake for his amazing work ethic and commitment to excellence :) :)

So Friday is family celebration day, and on Saturday morning I am running Cadi in one agility class at a show near our Utah house. I expect that by about 1 or 2 p.m. on Saturday we will be on the road, heading across the various states on our way to Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Kim works graveyard shifts and is a night owl -- I get up super early and so we use this existing sleep/wake pattern to our advantage and drive straight through.

So we should arrive in Wisconsin by about 2 on Sunday afternoon, stopping at every Culvers along the way (just kidding -- maybe). On Sunday evening we will be doing an agility practice and Cadi will also be practicing brace draft with her daddy, Marshall.

Monday was supposed to be tracking (*sad sigh*) but instead I will give baths and settle in and practice obedience and so on. From 1 - 3 p.m. I am teaching a class for Berner U, and then on Monday night the Camp Berner co-directors (and the Dear Husbands) have a dinner meeting to do some camp planning.

Tuesday -- yikes. At 8 a.m. we have agility -- and Cadi will be in the draft test with Marshall (Val is handling them). Luckily the draft test and agility are at the same park. Agility will be primarily Cadi, who is entered in three classes but it is a family affair -- Maize, Halo and Zoey are all entered in Novice FAST Preferred; Auntie Marti will be handling Mrs. Maize for me.

But wait -- Tuesday isn't busy enough! Also starting at 8 a.m. is Futurity, which is a puppy beauty pageant and Sydney and her littermate, Zaida, are entered in that. To make it more complicated, Futurity is at the hotel -- ten minutes away from agility and draft.

How can I be in two places at once? I can't -- and so Kris O. will handle Cadi in her first agility class while I handle Sydney in Futurity, which will be over in time for me to get back and handle dogs in the rest of my agility classes.

Yes, there is more -- Tuesday evening is Veterans Sweepstakes, a beauty pageant for the Old and Wise, and Mrs. Maize is entered in that. After that, we will collapse.

Wednesday -- obedience day!!!!! After almost two years of training, Asia will make her obedience debut :) I am super excited about this -- she is still a little green but I think we are ready enough. Cadi will be in the same class as Asia -- and if she gets a leg, she will finish her CD. Also in that class (Novice B), is Milo -- one of the D Litter boys -- he is 1/2 brother to both Asia and Cadi! He has the same mom as Cadi but the same dad as Asia :)

Halo will make her utility debut -- it could be really nice or really not -- but that is how utility is :) And Halo will be trying to win veterans obedience in honor of Abra, who won it twice in her life. Finally, Halo will be on an obedience team so that will be fun.

Also on Wednesday is another draft test for Cadi and her dad -- they are doing open brace together, pulling 170 pounds! And Maize will do yet another beauty pageant for the Old and Wise on Wednesday afternoon -- she has quite a full dance card!

I am not sure what is happening on Wednesday evening -- hopefully nothing!

Thursday is rally, and the four older girls are all entered. Maize is going to be handled by Auntie Marti, which will be fun for them and make it easier for me. And then (*another sad sigh*) we leave and drive straight back to Montana, arriving in time on Friday for a 6 p.m. graduation event. I am glad to be there for my wonderful students but sad to miss two days of the week I look forward to all year...

But let's focus on the good part -- fun and friends and all that :) And next year's Specialty is during Spring Break -- PERFECT!!!!!

I will post results/pictures daily and you can also join the Specialty Facebook page if you are so inclined -- just search Facebook for 2010 Bernese Mountain Dog Specialty and you can join in :)

Zoey is getting ready -- she says we must pack her favorite toy!

Think good thoughts for us and have a great week of your own :)


  1. Oh my . my stomach is churning just thinking about all that you will do!!!!
    I just wish that I had your competitive nature - instead i just get nervous thinking about it!!!

    We will look forward to all of the fabulous results - can't wait.

    Have a safe journey and the "girls' lineup picture is a treasure!

    Cindy H.

  2. I knew you couldn't leave anyone behind.

  3. I am so glad that it worked out that I could not drive and bring dogs. Girls cannot miss school so I would have been there with three dogs and me and not able to help you with your 6!