Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another Adventure Brewing

Look at these pictures...

Do you know what they mean? Well, besides how good Halo and Asia are at distractions, and how cute they are together, and how Asia definitely does not look like a boy? The fact that I am practicing draft with the girls can only mean one thing -- a test is coming up.

Tomorrow we (Dear Husband, me, girls) leave for Utah where I will spend a few days before leaving on Thursday for a state that includes Culvers Frozen Custard -- Iowa. On Saturday I am serving as an apprentice draft judge at a test near Des Moines, and then on Sunday I will compete with Halo and Asia as a brace (hence the sudden practicing). Cadi is going along as well because she has a daddy-daughter date with Marshall on Sunday -- they will once again team up for open brace with Val.

Congratulations to our friend, Elizabethanne, who did a great job in a triathalon today!!!! I think she was riding her new pink bike -- I am envious!

Hope you are having an excellent weekend!

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  1. WOW!! They are gorgeous together. What a great picture. Good luck in Iowa!