Monday, May 24, 2010

Utah in May

Greetings from Utah -- more on that in a minute!
We arrived without incident, and headed out to a family dinner last night at one of our usual places -- Sweet Tomatoes. We had quite a crew as Nicole and Doug (Nicole's husband) came from Logan, and Kimmer and his girlfriend are here from California; the usual Utah kids were there -- Jake (with wife, Cassie), Tanner, and Galen. I am not sure why the restaurant does not give us a private room as we have quite a good time and typically overstay our welcome.

Tanner experimented with hair extensions he borrowed from Cassie...

Nicole and Jake argued about who was really the Most Beloved Child -- apparently nobody else feels in the running ;)

And the finale -- the tradition is that Tanner and Galen walk out with little squares of jello that they first throw way up in the air and try to catch in their mouths (Galen 1, Tanner 0 yesterday) and then they typically throw them at someone and/or put on someone's windshield. Did I mention they will both be 22 soon?!

So that was fun and now it is today -- in honor of my May 24th birthday, it is snowing here in Utah as evidenced by these pictures of Zoey!

Hope the start of your week is a very good one, even if it is snowing :)


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! It snowed here today too-because I planted flowers yesterday :)
    Hope you had a great birthday surrounded by your loved ones.
    Wishing you love, long life and happiness,

  2. Happy Birthday! Always good to see you!