Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Portraits of the Kaibab Girls

Halo (7.5 years)

Asia (Halo's daughter)

Zoey (Halo's younger daughter)

Mrs. Maize (will be ten in July)

Cadi (Maize's daughter)

Sydney (Cadi's daughter, Maize's granddaughter)


  1. Pish posh about needing flowers to make Asia feminine. Did you see my girl that is taller than some of the boys?

    Lovely to meet you finally and I had the pleasure of entertaining Mrs. Maize for Marti one morning. After loving your pictures so much, I really wish you and some of the other photographers would have a Berner-U class and offer us some pointers!

    The family resemblance from Maize > Cadi > Sydney is lovely!