Thursday, May 13, 2010

More News!

Yesterday was Upside Down Day, as things went a bit opposite of what I expected. I expected Halo to flunk utility and do well in veterans obedience -- well, she had other plans and instead got that utility leg and forgot how to heel in Veterans!

The obedience ring environment was dreadful -- usually everything possible is done to ensure success for our obedience dogs and it was almost like the opposite was done at this Specialty. They used rings that had just been used for conformation, which meant that there was lots of interesting smells (girls in season and food) and even though they cleaned, some dogs struggled. Also, they had the obedience rings in a building with VENDORS! So there were shoppers and noise and etc. Finally, they had chairs set up two feet from the rings! We got some moved but not all. So any green dog or intact male was going to be at a disadvantage.

Cadi and Asia were both in Novice B -- as was Milo from the D Litter. I expected that Asia could do very well and that Cadi would get by. I have hardly trained Cadi for the past months because remember -- hers was to be a "Git 'er Done" obedience title and she just needed one more leg for the title.

Milo and Sue from the D Litter went early in the class and oh my -- they were LOVELY to watch!!!!!! Milo got a lovely score and a leg towards his CD :) A Big Shout Out to Sue who looked as relaxed and happy as her dog did -- GREAT JOB TEAM NOWAK!

After a long day it was finally Asia's turn -- remember that the Novice B class had 49 dogs entered! I am reminded that both the dog and handler have to get used to working together in a new environment as what I thought was not a great performance was actually good. I gave a double command, which costs us three points but Asia's final score was still 195.5 -- in other words, she seriously kicked butt and especially given the environment and the reality that it was her first time in the obedience ring.

And then it was Cadi's turn and she was her usual happy self but managed not to bark. Both girls sailed through the group stays, and in the middle of all this we had Marti and Val coordinating to get Maize shown in Veterans conformation where she took a fourth place! Oh -- and in the morning we were also coordinating to get Cadi over to do Open Brace again with her daddy, Marshall -- they passed again!

Okay back to obedience (can you get a sense of the hectic day?!) -- awards time. I just really hoped to get a placement but I suspected that extra command was going to really hurt us and when the fourth place was announced, it was a score of 196 (out of 200) and clearly was not us -- I was a little disappointed but a 196 is a high score and I knew we had likely lost three points with that extra command so knew Asia would not place -- oh well :)

Third place was 196.5 and then they announced second and it was a lovely score of 197 -- and when they said #72 with that lovely score nobody moved and then it began to dawn on me and I asked her to repeat the number and suddenly realized -- it was CADI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes indeed, Cadi finished her "Git 'er Done" CD with a 197 and second place in a class of 49! WOW!!!!! Upside Down Day indeed!!!!!!

And then it was on to team obedience where Halo did remember how to heel -- apparently it is only during the midday that she cannot heel :) Team is pretty whacky with costumes and music and so on. Milo and Sue from the D Litter (second dog) were on a most entertaining team...

And then we had the nuns...

and the Little Red Riding Hoods...

Our team honored Harley Davidson, which is headquartered near here...

The nuns thought our team was in need of some redemption and so called a prayer circle after the group stays...

But they should have prayed harder for themselves because we may be going to hell -- but will be taking our first place ribbons :)

And then more awards and then the big obedience awards -- Halo earned a prize for being Oldest Dog with a Qualifying Score, and Cadi finished her excellent day by getting the awards for Highest Scoring Dog with an Agility Title and Highest Scoring Versatility Dog!

Okay -- so Cadi is clearly trying to make up for last year! She has earned her Brace Draft Dog title (twice), finished her CD in great style -- and in doing that she earned the AKC honor of Versatile Companion Dog 1 (VCD1), which is awarded to a dog that has titles in agility, tracking, and obedience; she is a third generation VCD dog :) Very cool! She won an agility class, and by qualifying in three different performance events (draft, obedience, agility -- so far) she has earned the Specialty Triathlete award!!!! Yea Cadi :) And she still has Rally today!

So Obedience Day was a huge success all around even if it was a bit opposite of what I expected; I attribute most of the success to my new Lucky Socks and having Kim, Marti, and Val to help out -- and Carol and others to cheer us on :)

Rally today, although we may not get to all the classes we entered. It is pouring again but thankfully Rally is indoors. We also leave today...

Hope your week is an excellent one!


  1. Yea Mary-Ann!

    Sounds like it has been a great week! Congratulations to you and all your dogs for their super successes!

    Peaches and Ochoco

  2. Now that Cadi has all those new titles, Wow! will she be able to settle down and be a mama again? I'll come help with puppies.