Monday, May 31, 2010

Another Adventure in the Books

I am kind of sick of traveling for the time being -- left HOT, HUMID Iowa yesterday afternoon and just got back to Utah. I stopped at a couple of rest stops for naps when I got tired during the night but really just wanted to get the trip over so I drove and drove...

The heat/humidity was very stressful for the dogs -- it was 90 and about 300000% humidity -- and both Zoey and Asia got diarrhea yesterday; unfortunately Asia got it on the freight haul in an otherwise passing brace performance. Oh well -- it happens and what can you do but feel badly for the dog???

Cadi and Marshall passed open brace yesterday, earning Marshall's Master Open Brace title so that was very exciting. Cadi was not herself -- maybe it was the heat and/or maybe the ear infection that caused us to find a vet in Cheyenne, WY on Thursday night -- but they did get that difficult title done for Marshall and now Cadi has three legs herself; five are needed for the title so Cadi needs two more.

I had fun being an apprentice judge, and seeing friends -- but am REALLY glad to be back in Utah and out of that sticky, suffocating heat/humidity. Here are a couple of pictures -- first one of Cadi and Marshall, and then one of just Cadi...

Tomorrow we head back up to Montana and then I am not driving anywhere for quite a while! The girls are all doing well now -- I think they also prefer the cooler, dryer mountain air :)

Hope you are enjoying the long weekend...

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