Friday, May 14, 2010

We made it back to Montana in 25 hours of straight driving -- we are all glad to be home!!!!! I have some pictures to share and a final report :)

It takes a lot of people working together to put on a Specialty, and although it may not go as smoothly as everyone hopes, all efforts are so appreciated and we recognize that everyone has the best of intentions -- any glitches are just lessons for the next Specialty Committee to learn from :)

Here are a couple of overlapping views of the obedience rings -- Kay -- are you taking notes for next year's Specialty??

Here is a cute picture of Zaida, one of the Glitterati...

This was the only Maize and Milo (D Litter) picture that did not have red eye -- aren't they cute??

Marti came without her dogs and so she had fun with Maize -- they did a massage class, worked at registration, went shopping, and Marti also handled Maize in Rally yesterday -- they qualified in both Excellent and Advanced!

Halo and Cadi also qualified in Rally, and we left before Asia could do her class but I am sure she would have done just fine :)

Yesterday was the first day I actually was able to take any pictures -- here is one of Marti and Sue -- sorry Marti, but we all know you normally have your eyes open (except when sleeping or praying for patience when dealing with your teenagers ;)

Kim, Carol, and Maize

So, the Final Report:

Maize made the cut in a huge Veterans Sweeps class, was fourth in Veteran Bitches 9 - 11 years, and qualified in Rally Excellent and Advanced

Halo won the Utility A class, was on the first place Team in obedience, was last in Veterans obedience (!), got an award for being Oldest Obedience Qualifier, and qualified in Rally Excellent

Cadi won an agility class, was second in Novice B obedience (49 dogs entered) with an excellent score of 197, passed the open brace draft test with her daddy (twice), qualified in Rally Advanced, won awards for Highest Scoring Obedience Dog with an Agility Title and Highest Scoring Obedience Versatility Dog -- and she earned the Specialty Triathlete award! WOW Cadi :)

Asia earned her first Novice obedience leg with an excellent score of 195.5 and looked beautiful doing it (see video)

Sydney was just in one class (Futurity 15 - 18 mos) and she placed third in the large class

Zoey was a friendly pest to all, and she and Syd passed their cardiac exams so it is confirmed that they have hearts!

This picture is before the rally ribbons but you can get the idea -- this is what we came home with:

And if the video worked -- it is Asia's on leash heeling at the Specialty... And yes Cali -- we are discussing Cadi's second and last litter!

An addition: Halo's utility run is on YouTube --

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