Saturday, April 10, 2010

VST Training

Just a quick post about how entertaining Variable Surface Tracking can be. As I have mentioned, I am training Asia for VST but what I do not think I shared is that I have a training partner! Remember that I said that a tracking judge works on campus with me? Well, Teressa (that is her name) also has a dog she wants to do VST with and so we concocted a plan and once a week I lay a track on campus for her dog and once a week she lays one for Asia -- perfect! We are both having fun with it, and it is very motivating.

So yesterday was Asia's turn. Well, you would think that we would have remembered that classes get out on the hour but we didn't and so Asia started her track at 10 -- she was just getting going when students streamed out of the building and across her track -- except all the ones who stopped to pet her.

Okay -- note to M-A and Teressa -- do not start tracks when classes are getting out.

We got back to work and she was on one side of the walkway and I was following about 20 feet behind with the tracking line tight (off the ground by two feet or so) when suddenly a bike was approaching on the path -- YIKES. That doesn't happen in fields! I dropped the line and the bike went over safely.

Note to self -- shorter tracking line for VST.

Okay -- now we were in a parking lot. Hmmm... what does one do when a car is trying to head out. And why is my dog eating plastic shards?!

Note to M-A and Teressa -- do not use plastic articles in parking lots where cars will squish them.

Although Asia's hormones (she is in standing heat) did not help her abilities, she did a fine job and found all her articles -- even the one in 50 pieces :)

Looking to be a great Montana day -- pictures later...

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