Saturday, July 4, 2009

Air Zoey

Do you all remember how Zoey (aka Rosebud) amazed us as a small puppy with her airborne feats? Well my friends, she is still at it.

I could not figure out how she kept being out of her 36 inch x-pen and when I actually saw it, I did not believe my eyes. This ten month old puppy -- from a stand still -- simply launches up and over, landing nimbly on my bed without touching the top of the x-pen. Don't believe that is possible? See for yourself....

Here she is safely in the x-pen. Now, remember that this is our new house and I did not pick the colors!

And take a look at this!! What do you think -- is she part kangaroo??

I hope your Fourth of July is going well -- and safely!

1 comment:

  1. Three-quarters, I'd say. And also related to my Djinn, who used to jump over a standard-height deck railing gate onto a steep downward set of stairs, then run around and open the front door of the house (lever-action handles).

    It's wnderful!

    Susan and Djinn