Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

Nothing earth shattering or insightful to share -- sometimes it is nice just to be... The dogs know this well and I want to share these pictures that I took within the past 30 minutes of an exciting afternoon in Montana -- just being...

Mrs. Maize being Mrs. Maize

Halo deVil being the best Halo deVil she can be

Cadi-Bug, who like me, finds just being still a bit of a challenge -- we are both practicing

Our guest -- Brighton, being a wonderful and easy guest

Asia being the best napper/watcher of mom

Zoey being the best cuddler in the group -- getting as close to Cadi as possible (without touching her, of course!)

And Syd, being the best and sweetest Syd-ley friend one could want (and the cat formerly known as Bad Karma and now Karnage because of her murderous tendencies)

Have a wonderful day just being you -- nobody else does it nearly as well as you do.

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