Sunday, July 12, 2009

So Much to Say!

We start our adventures in beautiful Montana where I captured this sunset a few days ago -- from our yard...

So I left Montana on Thursday, heading for Utah with Asia and Cadi -- the other girls stayed in Montana with Galen. We stopped in NoWhere, Idaho on the way down for the girls to romp and potty -- and pose for a picture.

We arrived in Utah, happy to see Dear Husband (aka Kim) and to meet Brighton again. Who is Brighton, you ask. She is from the D Litter -- Maize and Zack -- and has come to stay with us as her Air Force family is being shipped to Japan. So meet Brighton...

Dear Husband -- who does not enjoy cats -- is currently catsitting for one of the kids who is in Austria studying for a few weeks with a Supreme Court Judge; said "kid" is in law school. Anyway, we all about fainted when he got a cat, not being known for his animal loving tendencies. However, he does love his cat but he named her "~" -- yes, that is ~, which is pronounced tilde. In this picture Cadi is asking, "hey ~, what is with your freaky name/symbol?!"

Cadi and I competed in a local agility trial -- Cadi earned a new title and other fun things. If you would like to see Cadi do agility, check out this YouTube link:

Cadi's fourth birthday was yesterday and tomorrow, July 13, is Maize's ninth birthday! Happy Birthday to my sweet girls :)

Okay, back to our adventures! Terri and Potey (Terri has Peaches aka Sula from the F Litter) from Portland were passing through so we took the opportunity to throw a little puppy party -- even though the youngest puppy is now almost eight months old!

Here is Terri with Peaches and Tara (Geneva from the Glitterati).

And here is a REALLY adorable Tara saying "hey" to an equally adorable little human. That is Brighton's human brother and mom, who stopped by to say a final good-bye to Brighton.

Potey was very popular with the girls -- here he is with Peaches, Terri's other berner (Ochono), and Cadi.

If you are a regular reader then you know Kate -- she stopped by after a fun day at the Water Park. There were no puppies small enough for her to cuddle so she had to content herself with a human puppy.

Tomorrow the girls and I head back to Montana. This has been an action-packed few days and I am sad to be leaving Kim yet again. However, March 2010 will be here soon and then Kim will move to Montana and this crazy bi-state lifestyle will finally be done.

Galen reports that the new agility/obedience field at our house in Montana is almost done -- I cannot wait to see it!!

I certainly hope you have had a fun weekend and if you live with your sweetie all the time, count your blessings! Thanks for your visit and have a great week :)

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  1. Cadi is very vocal and enthusiastic about agility. Tiger wasn't happy about the barking computer.