Sunday, June 27, 2010

Good Judge, Bad Judge

Okay Blog Friends -- here are pictures, the scoop and a quiz...

Today in the Missoula show, Ruben Hudson (aka Rock Star) won his class, and then went back into the special Winner's Class and won that -- what did that make him?

Sydney won her class, and then got nada/nothing in the special winner's class. What does that make her? A loser. How can that be -- look at how cute she is:

We would complain about the judge but Ruben won so instead we just say he is inconsistent :)

So Ruben went in again to compete against the Winner Girl/Bitch and he beat her - what did that make him???

Here is a picture of the Loser Sibling and the Winner Sibling:

And here is the Winner Sibling...

And the Loser Sibling...

The siblings had fun playing together in our training arena..

And here is Syd begging Kay for ice cream -- she should have tried this trick with the judge!

Tonight we will enjoy a celebratory dinner and then tomorrow we will be showing Ruben and Zoey, trying to earn yet another reason to celebrate -- oh, and Halo will be in utility, trying to give me a headache, no doubt :)

Hope your weekend is going well!


  1. Yea! Carol sent the right answer -- Ruben was Winners Dog and Best of Winners!

  2. I love the brother and sister together picture. They look so much alike. So clearly, the judge likes boys better. Congrats to Ruben, we all knew he was destined to take to the big stage as a Rock Star.