Wednesday, June 16, 2010


We all need to send Kay and Sue a big collective hug -- yesterday their sweet boy, Dillon, died. Dillon, Kaibab's Cruising Together CD, RE, CGC is Cadi's littermate and he died from Lymphoma. The death of any dog is a heartbreak, but to lose one not yet five years old and so close to losing Riley -- well, if it weren't for bad luck, Kay and Sue wouldn't have any luck at all :(

Dillon was a sweet, sweet boy who never got to achieve all that was planned for him because his life took a different path than any of us wanted in January when he was diagnosed. Kay and Sue did what could be done to extend his life and to fill his time with love and joy, but Dillon's body couldn't contain his spirit any longer and so he is running free with his Uncle Riley at the Rainbow Bridge. I am sad for Dillon, and I am especially sad for Kay and Sue -- please send them your thoughts and hugs as they learn to live without two friends they have loved so much. Ruben (Hudson from the Glittarati) has some big paws to fill, but I know he is up for it and that his uncles' love for Kay and Sue will continue through Ruben.

Part of Dillon's legacy is perspective -- a reminder that what really matters is enjoying the time we have together no matter what we are doing. This is a lesson I will take with me as I head for Blackfoot, Idaho today for four days of agility, conformation, and two days of obedience. If Cadi flunks every agility run -- at least I had the chance to run with her. If Sydney and Zoey get dumped every day (Syd shows three days, Zoey just one) -- at least I had the chance to show them. If Asia flunks obedience each time I show her -- so what? At least I have her with me.

Dillon will be on my mind this weekend, reminding me of what really matters -- I invite you to let him remind you about perspective as well...

Kim is here to stay with Maize and Halo while I head out -- Zoey was very happy to have someone else to cuddle with...

I will be camping and showing with Cooper (Whitby from the Glitterati) and his family, and then next week Kay and Sue and Ruben are coming to Montana to show in the Missoula shows. Lots to look forward to and a heavy heart about Dillon (and Kay and Sue) -- life is always so bittersweet.

Word of the Day: Perspective.


  1. My heart goes out to Kay and Sue.
    (I met you two on a sunny snowy day in Mary-Ann's front lawn when you picked up Ruben the Rockstar.)

  2. I completed the Berner Garde update this morning and it just broke my heart knowing how young Dillon was.
    Tapper and Bell will be in Veterans Conformation this weekend, and I'll be keeping it in "perspective" as well - each day with our beloved Berners is a gift from God.
    May Kay and Sue find comfort knowing they gave Dillon a wonderful and happy life.