Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rube(n) Tuesday

Okay, let us start with the news that *could* be viewed as disappointing, although I choose not to see it that way. After a LONG, HOT day it was 4:15 and finally Halo's turn in utility. She was stunningly good -- happy, excited, accurate. But I had made the mistake of saying -- right before I went in -- that I preferred to flunk early and get it over with, as that makes the rest of the run more relaxed.

Halo, being Halo, instead flunked the LAST thing -- the second jump on the last exercise. She did the go out perfectly, turned and sat perfectly, and was so excited that she anticipated my command and took the same jump again. The crowd did the whole "ohhhhhhhhhhhh" thing but I celebrated an excellent run and an excited, happy dog. And although inside I was hurting, Halo never knew that and by the time I got home I had realized how wonderful it is that I get to do utility with Halo again :) :) She is a super fun utility dog and I got LOTS of compliments on her great attitude. Here is a picture of our super cute, happy Halo deVil, Head Contrarian.

Okay, moving on...

We arrived at 9:45 because we had a 11:30ish ring time -- or so we thought. Instead, we had a judge change and a time change -- sigh. I gave Ruben a bath and then Zoey a bath and etc. and it got hotter and hotter but finally it was time. I remembered to change my shoes, went to the correct bathroom, and off we went.

Ruben and I were in first, and he was the only one in his class so he was a winner -- and then he won the Winner's class, making him Winner's Dog.

Zoey apparently scared off the competition. She was again the only one in her class so that made her a winner but there were no other girls -- until a handler showed up literally at the last minute to show his girl. Zoey and the other girl went into the Winner's class, which Zoey won so she was Winner's Bitch. However, the judge did make it a point to tell me he did not care for Zoey's muzzle -- he said, "it is too snippy for me"!!!!!!! WHAT??????? Look at this muzzle -- do you see a snip????

And here is just a shot of her after we got home...

The male champion who had taken Best of Breed every day did not show up so Zoey (aka Snippy) and Ruben went in the ring to battle it out. Ruben, not having been christened with a snippy muzzle, won Best of Winner's and BEST of BREED!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at how nice the Best of Breed dog looked today:

Okay, so much celebrating and then we realized what it meant -- GROUP. And at the same time as utility -- ugh. So we moved Halo to the end of the utility class and got ready for the Working Group -- that is where all the Best of Breed winners from all the breeds in the Working Group compete. We waited -- and waited -- and waited as it got hotter and hotter...

But finally there we were -- Ruben and I in Group! He did a great job but of course is not quite ready for that level of competition so we did not place but how fun and what a good experience for both of us :)

And then we raced over to obedience and waited some more, but it was air conditioned so that was very nice and made the waiting bearable. Finally it was Halo's turn and I started this entry with that story so we have come full circle :)

And so ends the Eight Days of Dog Shows in June.

Ruben came to Montana and showed for three days -- he was Winner's Dog and Best of Winner's twice, Reserve once, and Best of Breed once.

Cooper showed twice and was Winner's Dog once and Reserve once -- I cannot remember if he was also Best of Winners????

The girls and I showed for all eight days. Sydney showed four times and was Winner's Bitch twice (50%). Zoey showed four times and was Winner's Bitch and Best of Opposite all four times (100%) and Best of Winner's three of those four times. Asia earned her CD in three tries, and was Best of Opposite the one time she was shown in breed. Halo was shown three times in utility and got one leg, and flunked just one thing in the other two runs. Although the shows were small this year, I would say it has been quite a successful run for the Kaibab dogs :) And what a great end to Kay/Sue/Ruben's adventure to Montana!

I hope your Tuesday is going half as well as Ruben's!


  1. Good Job Ruben, Halo, Sydney and Zoey! Sounds like a great show. And, just to clarify, Cooper did go Best of Winner's as well (I remember that I decided that I really liked the blue and white ribbons better than the purple and white ones:)

  2. Wow Mary-Ann. I think next year I need to bring Fifi and Purna to Montana (if we still need to!)


  3. Congratulations to all! I have to say, if I ever make it into the show ring with Tara I will feel more relaxed and happy about whatever happens in there, after reading your blogs about what happens in the show ring. It seems like it would be so easy to feel disappointed and upset when the goal we (humans) have in mind is not met. However, your words will stay with me, and I will remember that it is more about the journey together than the end result. Thanks for sharing all your insights with us, M-A!