Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lots of Stuff -- Sort of!

Greetings Friends!

I hope you had an excellent week. Summer is winding down here and the start of school is right around the corner. I have so enjoyed this summer and it has been a productive one on many fronts.

Did you catch the post on the Berner Working List in which Kris O., our Camp Berner Co-Director/Agility Instructor, raved about the beginner agility group at Camp Berner? She said that she had never had a group of dogs -- in any breed -- progress so quickly and do so well -- do you realize that the beginner group was almost all Kaibab dogs?? Good job Team Kaibab!!! Way to make us all look good :)

Speaking of Camps -- Camp Kaibab, Our Place, June 23 - 25, Kaibab Campers and close relatives only, cheap, fun, tubing, training, three days of breed/obedience/rally shows in Missoula following Camp. Contact me for more details and/or to get on the Camper List.

Speaking of training and fun, this afternoon Asia and I will head for Bellingham, Washington -- Zoey is coming along for the ride, which is LONG. Tomorrow morning we will be in our second VST test. Kim is back in Utah until Wednesday so thanks to Heidi for staying the night with the other dogs! There are scones in the freezer for her and Dr. Pepper to keep her awake and happy ;)

The way I look at this VST stuff is that we really need practice on tracks in test conditions -- and one can only get that in a test. Once you flunk, they let you finish your track with the tracklayer behind you giving as much -- or little -- input as you want. Last weekend I specifically said that I wanted no input unless I asked (and I never had to ask :) because I knew that I had a great opportunity to gain experience and build confidence - and we need those things to someday pass a VST. So no matter what happens tomorrow, it will be a good thing :)

Website -- I mentioned that we were working on a website and now I have a favor to ask of you. I have long wanted to develop a grief website both as a way to "give back" and because I want to provide service to those who live in rural communities where grief support services are lacking. I think the website is self-explanatory so I will stop there -- I could go on and on because I am so excited about it :)

My favor is this: will you look at the website and tell me if you see any errors and/or places that are awkward and/or do not read well? Also, let me know if you think it is user friendly, easy on the eyes, needs more of something or less of something, whatever feedback -- I want it to be perfect.

The website is not officially ready -- we have a couple more articles to post, two more pictures to add, and we need to proof it, which is what I am asking for help with so please do not share the link at this time -- I will let you know when it is available for public use. Big thanks to Galen, who is the website designer and tech person, Cassie for her pictures, and special heartfelt thanks to those who shared their stories for the site.

Please send comments to me: and thank you, in advance, for any and all help you can offer :)

The website:

Choose to have a wonderful, terrific, delightfully happy weekend!

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