Monday, August 30, 2010

Pictures to Share!

Happy Monday, Friends -- and it is about as happy as you make it so might as well have a nice one :)

Tara Geneva from the Glitterati enjoys life in Salt Lake City with her parents and her brother the pug -- thanks to Liz for sending this picture :) Isn't she CUTE?!

Zed Dawson, Zoey's littermate so Halo's son, lives in Washington with Terri Z. He is doing well in beauty pageants, which will no doubt cause the other boys to tease him. This is a picture Terri sent from this past weekend -- thanks, Terri!

Here is that Alpenhorn ad I mentioned -- check out all those cute pictures :) Is your dog's BernerGarde record up to date???

Maize takes her position as Chief of the Fun Police very seriously, and makes sure to enforce the "No Fun" zone that exists around her at all times, barking at the other dogs if they forget...

Does this look comfortable?? Asia reminding me why I prefer a softer pillow.

Sigh -- Scenes from the upcoming miniseries, "The Dog Who Loves Too Much", starring Zoey and her beloved sister, Asia (who can't decide whether to tolerate, bite, or lick -- so she does all).

Have a wonderful day and an even better week!

1 comment:

  1. Too funny - I have a Fun Police Deputy here in Chicago! I just didn't know she was a secret member of the order. That description suits my Tobie (8 in September) has been a card carrying member for many years. When our golden was alive, Tobie was forever tattling on him. I knew when she'd burst in and bark in that "way" that McGee was getting in big trouble. Now, she keeps a close eye on Lottie and Floyd and makes sure that all fun is squelched.

    If anyone cries (anyone, human or canine) she is also first on the scene and sniffing right in the person/dog's face to make sure everything is OK.

    Thanks for explaining Tobie's mission in life. :-)