Sunday, August 15, 2010

VST Report

Here is Asia's Report:

Easy start on wet grass, easy first turn, harder second turn -- told mom it went right twice but she was not convinced so I meandered down a parking lot, got a whistle telling mom she is a dork, got to go the way I wanted in the first place, found a plastic lid, made a left turn in the middle of a parking lot, went straight, right turn in the next parking lot, found the metal article, kept going and made a left turn at the end of the parking lot, crossed some grass and into another parking lot where I found a piece of leather with a #4 on it. What the heck?! I had to wait until we got to the car to get my Sausage Muffin?!

Mary-Ann's Report:

Great start, made the first turn easily, got to a second turn that was a transition back to grass -- you would think that would be easy but it isn't. However, if I had paid attention I would have seen the WHITE article on GREEN grass just ahead of where Asia wanted to go -- SIGH. Wandered off through the parking lot without much commitment but last year's track went there so it was in my head. Got the whistle and did not even have to ask/get directions -- went right back to that grass where she went in the first place, she immediately picked up the track, found the article and was off. I did not get one bit of help from the tracklayer (per my request) -- she finished the track all by herself (with me being more agreeable). That dog is amazing -- her handler is less so :)

Disappointed???? That would be inappropriate -- I am thrilled that my dog is barely three and capable of doing a VST track. And I am very happy to have had the opportunity to learn more about what I need to do in order to help us pass someday. Asia rocked -- nothing to be disappointed about at all.

And Nara did a great job also!!! She also had trouble with the second turn that was a transition but did great on the rest of her track -- Teressa and I see a hole in our training: transitions. No problem!!! We can work on that :)

You may think I am recycling pictures but no -- this is a new one:

Carol nicely illustrates what it means to reframe something -- while Terri thinks my dog is very naughty, Carol writes, "Zoey has some interesting table manners but then again the table does give a view out the window! Maybe she just wants to perch next to the flag 'look a like'!"

When you cannot change something, you just need to change how you see it!!

Nobody has ever passed at the VST Test next weekend -- but I will go anyway because we are on a journey and have to make stops at tests along the way in order to one day achieve that VST title, which will make Asia a Champion Tracker -- I know she can do it.

Hope your weekend is right on track for greatness!

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  1. Ha!! There has to be a first time for everything- Asia can be the first to pass next weekend. Sounds like she really knows what she is doing. Now you will have more faith in her when the track is in a strange place that you don't know- I have a good feeling.