Monday, May 2, 2011

Camp Kaibab!

Calling all Campers! It is time to seriously start thinking about Camp Kaibab -- a training camp for Kaibab berners and their owners, and other people that we would love to hang out with for a couple of days :)

When: Friday - Saturday, June 24 & 25. These dates are followed by the Missoula conformation/obedience/Rally show on June 26 - 28 so come train and then show!

Where: At our place in Stevensville, Montana -- about 25 miles south of Missoula

Who: Kaibab berners/owners will get first chance at the limited working spots but others who are interested can come as well -- if you are interested, please just ask!

I have been thinking a lot about what kind of useful training we can do -- things that Campers can "take home" and that would be hard to get elsewhere. Therefore, the 2011 Camp Kaibab is going to be based on the following objectives:

1. Campers will gain knowledge and learn skills to create and maintain a happy, focused working relationship with their dogs.

2. Campers will understand how to train obedience using "Least Trainable Units", and will gain both knowledge and skills to bring out the best and happiest obedience dog possible in their berner.

3. Campers will gain knowledge and skill -- no matter what their current level -- in training and handling the successful draft dog.

4. Campers will understand how their mental state impacts their own performance as well as their dogs (aka "Ring Nerves"), and learn how to transform their thinking in order to maximize success with their dogs.

And so we will have a Camp that is primarily focused on relationship-building, creating happy working dogs/handlers, obedience and draft skills, and some therapy for the Nervous Nellie Handlers. We will have a chance to do some agility for fun, learn how to properly groom a berner, and so on -- it will be an action-packed two days. But the best part? Getting to hang out and "play" with our friends :) Oh -- and scones, of course...

All levels of dogs/handlers are welcome and will feel comfortable -- don't let any Nervous Nellie tendencies keep you from coming to Camp Kaibab because all are welcome here :)

Cost: I would do it for free but Dear Husband vetoed that idea so cost is a whole $85 for a working slot, and that includes lunch and etc. Campers can pay when they show up -- Dear Husband can handle all that money stuff -- I just want to train dogs and people :)

Where to Stay: We can accommodate maybe two trailer/RV's; Stevensville Hotel has some dog friendly rooms -- let them know that you are coming to Camp; Days Inn in Lolo is dog-friendly and just 18 minutes away, between us and Missoula, so perfect for those who will stay for the show.

Now is the time for Camper Commitment so if you are planning to come, please send me an email ( and let me know. If you are thinking about it -- tell me that also. And if you have questions or want to know if you can come -- please just send me an email -- we are very welcoming to all who want to train and have fun with berners and their "people".

I hope you can join us!

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  1. Oh, I do wish that we could be there! I will be living vicariously in hopefully the copious pictures that you will be posting. :-)