Thursday, May 26, 2011

Please Remove the Pins!!!!!

I don't even know what to say about this week! Monday was uneventful, Tuesday was my birthday so that was fun, and yesterday someone apparently made a voodoo doll of me or something because my back became possessed with an evil spirit and I wound up in the emergency room :(

Good heavens -- who knew a car accident could have such long lasting and yucky consequences?! Much to the amusement of Dear Husband and Galen, I had no choice but to take heavy duty pain meds and was more than a little loopy. But the good news is that the new MRI did not show any additional issues and in fact, one of the herniated discs actually has a slight bit of improvement -- yea for all that! Boo for voodoo dolls!!!

I did not let a little (!) back trouble stop us though -- my draft dogs continue their practice march towards the tests in Oregon next week. In just a week Cadi, Mac and Zoey (and me) will be heading to Portland for a three day draft test. I am looking forward to it, and to seeing some of my Northwest friends :)

Pictures! Cadi reminds us all to take time to smell the flowers...

Did you know the ability to roll your tongue is inherited? I cannot do it but obviously Zoey can -- can you?

This could be one of my most favorite pictures ever of our lovely plus-size model, Asia...

Sydney -- so cute!

Carlos/Ute says: "Some of us dogs are really shedding!"

Mrs. Maize -- doesn't she look just wonderful?

I hope that your week is going super well, and that nobody is making voodoo dolls of you!!!

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  1. Love, Love, Love the Photos! Yes, Ms. Maize is a picture. I want to pet her and scratch behind her ears. What a lady!

    So sorry to hear about your pain... hang in there. :)