Friday, May 6, 2011


Just a bunch of random things...

1. Happy Birthday to Sharon Greenberg in St. Louis!!! I hope it is a wonderful day for Sharon, who is a super wonderful person :)

2. Last day of classes is today -- there are no words to offer enough thanks for that! A good portion of my little soldiers have been deployed to deal with the back issues and so I feel like I have operated at limited capacity all semester -- now I have a chance to catch up and regroup the troops, so to speak -- YAY! Love summer vacation!!!

3. The Puppy Nanny (aka son Galen) created a website for his design business: -- he does graphic design and develops/maintains websites, including my big site. His next project is updating the Kaibab website so I will let you know when that is done. As a student, he is cheap so keep him in mind if you want something "graphic" done :)

4. More Specialty photos -- these are from super nice/great photographer Ruth Nielsen -- big thanks to her! All three are of Halo...

I hope your day is filled with random good things!

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