Wednesday, February 25, 2009

By Popular Demand

The van was able to come home for about a week but is now back at the mailboxes. As all the snow and ice melt, it is creating an impressive amount of mud and so we are back to driving Trusty Rusty, the big old four wheel drive truck, to/from the van. I know some people travel great distances to be able to go four wheeling -- we just go up and down our road and driveway for a mud slinging adventure in off road travels.

All the mud is not so conducive to training but we are doing our best. Tracking is going extremely well, although it is a very messy endeavor. Although we cannot drive the van to the house, we can track right out the door in all directions and that is really nice. I am getting three dogs ready to enter TDX tests: Asia, Cadi and Halo. In addition, Zoey is doing a great job and should be ready for her TD this spring.

Six dogs is a lot of work but I try to stay focused and organized, and so far none of us have gone crazy. Asia is a Beauty Queen and will be shown in Best of Breed at the Specialty (as will Cadi) and so I am working on her coat. This entails keeping her clean, brushed, conditioned, etc. But Asia is also getting ready for a TDX test -- this entails weeds, stickers, mud, and did I mention MUD? So I gave her a bath one day and got her covered in the mud the very next day -- let's all hope that mud is, in fact, a sparkly coat growing secret!

The puppies, Zoey and Sydney, are growing quickly. Their different personalities are fascinating. Zoey has emerged as a rather serious and sensitive puppy, while Sydney about falls over from her wagging tail and loves everyone and everything -- especially everyone. Zoey is very interested in being right and doing what she is asked, and Sydney is more of a free spirit. Sydney's training challenge has been recalls -- she is now doing GREAT. Zoey's training challenge is feeling more confident around new people -- she is also doing well with this. I am reminded that puppies -- and people -- come with a temperament, and our challenge is to embrace what is and learn to work with it, learn from it, and accept who and what the puppy, dog or person is. Too often we try and change those we love -- what a waste of time and energy that is!!

I have been getting some subtle and not so subtle hints about the Blog and so here are some pictures to make those people happy (and you know who you are!)...

Could these two pictures be any sweeter? This is Sydney with Galen.

I have very cuddly puppies -- here is Sydney on Zoey with Faith sitting up. Faith and Zoey are almost six months old!!

And here is three month old Sydney.

This is a picture of full sisters, Zoey and Asia -- can you see the resemblance?

And here is that crazy Karma cat with Zoey.

Finally, here is Zoey stacked up like a little show dog. This is the Super Model age -- tall, skinny, long legs -- but she is still a nice looking girl :)

I hope you are accepted for who and what you are, and that you readily give the gift of acceptance to others -- dogs and people. It is a rare gift indeed, and one we could all use a little more of...

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  1. So GOOD to hear from you ~ I thought it was "something" I said, hee,hee. Even going through withdrawal, I kept the faith that you would "come back" to us. :D