Monday, February 2, 2009

Just Pictures...

I walk the girls in the morning on the 20 acres -- here are some pictures from this morning...

We start with Zoey, who is five months old today.

And here is Zoey again -- she is in the supermodel stage -- tall, skinny, long-legs...

This is Zoey and Sydney having fun in the snow.

This is very cute Sydney, now ten weeks old.

Cadi LOVES to run -- here she is on the hill in front of the house with Zoey giving chase.

Asia and Sydney enjoyed chewing on a tree together.

And here we have Asia (sitting) and Cadi (down) -- isn't that a pretty picture?! I do not take credit -- pretty dogs and a nice background make it easy :)

I hope your day is picture perfect!


  1. Oh boy...the photo of Asia & Cadi should be framed & made into greeting cards! Love it, Love it!

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  3. Which of these pictures do I get to vote on in the photo contest in Portland?