Saturday, February 28, 2009

Report From Sydney

This is Sydney reporting on my latest activity. After talking about it for weeks, mom finally got around to “teaching” me about tracking. She means well but DUH – I am a dog and already know how to track.

She took me out in front where she had very nicely laid a trail of cheese bread for me. This is supposed to be straight -- does that look straight to you?!

I marched over and picked up the start article, just to show her that I know what I am doing. I then proceeded to follow the cheese bread with no help whatsoever – my mom just stood back, took pictures and was amazed.

I spotted the glove – Zoey has already told me that the glove is the whole point and that it is always stuffed with good stuff so I raced over and grabbed it.

Mom was all excited but I just wanted the food, and then I went back and found all the cheese bread I had missed in my haste to get to the glove. Just for good measures, I did the track a third time.

Mom called me but I had to really think about whether I wanted to leave my track or not. In the end, I decided not ruin my training – I have taught mom to give me a treat when I come -- and so I left my fun new track and went for the treat.

I suspect we will be playing this new game more often now and that is fine with me -- I am always happy to train my mom. Love, Sydney

The morning view from the deck...

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  1. Good thing our dogs are so patient with us, eh?

    Give them all a smooch for me for being such good dogs!

    and Djinn