Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cadi, We're Not in Utah Anymore

It is hard to describe the challenges of having two houses and no home. Going to Utah last weekend was so fun and yet it created yet again that painful need to disconnect and come back to Montana. All week I have felt out of sorts as I struggled to once again find my balance here in Montana; I sure wish Kim, my daughter and several of my friends would move here immediately -- then it would be perfect! But nobody seems inclined to head this way just yet, and so I am grateful that I have Galen and good people at work, especially Heidi, who provide some sense of connection during this difficult time of transition.

And I have my dogs :) The weekend in Utah not only messed with my head/heart but it also seriously interfered with our training schedule. My friend, Kris, pointed out that I actually got a lot of good training done -- Cadi ran agility, Zoey and Sydney hung out at the trial and got socialized -- but I still feel out of sorts about Specialty training. No matter -- tomorrow starts a new week! And in fairness to myself, I will say that I tracked with Zoey and Cadi yesterday and have done obedience with Halo this week -- but I need to get a new schedule up on the frig so I can have the satisfaction of checking off boxes and feeling like at least one thing is sort of orderly and under control!

Galen was the first one to notice that Sydney has a little star on her muzzle -- Nicole calls it her Lucky Charms star. I took this picture of it tonight to share with you -- can you see it?

And here is Sydney relaxing on my lap...

Finally, here is Zoey's foot in Sydney's mouth. How many times do we wind up in a similar position??! Luckily, most of our big foot-in-mouth moments are not captured in a photograph - and hopefully are also not imprinted in anyone's memory!

I hope you are blessed to enjoy ONE home with people and animals you love, and that any foot-in-mouth moments are quickly forgotten, no matter if you are the one chewing on a paw or getting nipped a bit.


  1. Mary-Ann,
    I love your sense of humor, "Cadi,we're not in Utah anymore."
    Love the Luck Charm on Sydney ~ Maybe it will start to "Glitter" soon. :D

  2. Mary-Ann

    Sydney's star is so cute! And I usually end up with my *own* foot in my mouth not somebody else's ; )

    Cindy M