Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Puppies

Who needs a Super Bowl when we have such Super Puppies??! We have some pictures to share of all the boys except Rainey (Toronto) -- Joan needs to get that fancy new camera figured out so we can all see how that boy is doing!

Let's start with Cooper (Whitby). His mom reports that he sleeps until 6 a.m.!!! I am SO jealous!!!

And here is cute Murphy (Sutton) -- it looks like he is just waiting for someone to put on those boots and take him for a walk.

What is that green stuff in this picture?! Here is Ruben (Hudson) enjoying Arizona -- he also takes seriously that old adage about early to bed, early to rise...

Sydney is thinking about joining the circus...

But instead she decides to take a nap and show off her cute polka dot tummy. She has to sleep a lot to wake up so early -- sigh...

I hope you are having a Super Sunday, even if your team winds up point deficient in the end. Remember -- there are no real losers in life -- we all win just by being here :)


  1. The Glitter Litter looks like they are all Stars. They are gorgeous!

  2. This is ridiculous -- you don't see pictures of those puppies for a week or so, and they go and change out of all recognition!!!

    What a bunch.

    Susan and Djinn