Saturday, January 31, 2009

Big Excitement!

Today Sydney started going to the front door when she wants to go potty! That is indeed Big Excitement in my book :)

Can you believe it was ten weeks ago that the Glitterati arrived? A ten week old puppy is still such a baby and yet there is so much they are having to learn. In the past two weeks those little babies had to leave their family and join a new one. They had to begin to learn all kinds of skills -- about peeing, biting, coming when called (or not), where to sleep, who to love, what to chew (or not) and so on -- and they have to do all this while still such a small little creature. It is a wonder that their little heads do not explode!

It sounds like all the Glitter puppies are doing well and honoring the Puppy Job Description -- do you remember that from October? Here it is again:

"Puppies must be cute and fluffy, capable of melting the stoniest heart. The puppy must scamper playfully, sleep soundly, and be very happy and excited about everything. Must love people, other dogs, cats, and their mother. Must be capable of peeing every 30 minutes, preferably away from the designated potty area. Must love pine cones, sticks, grass, flowers, bugs, toys of all kinds, water bottles, the wind, and everything else on the planet. Those wishing to be puppies must have sharp teeth and good biting skills, and be willing to exercise those skills at all times and on all objects and people. Must have a repertoire of cute sounds, including barking, growling and whining. Must be able to sustain whining for at least 30 minutes and preferably between 2 and 3 a.m. Must be capable of eating every 12 minutes and exhibiting all signs of starvation ten minutes after eating. Must jump on people playfully, lick innocently and bite wickedly. Must grow by leaps and bounds and scampers!"

Sometimes we forget that puppies are not small dogs -- they are babies. So many of the things they do are exactly what they should be doing given their stage in life, and we cannot and should not punish a puppy for being who and what they are. In fact, we should learn from them about authenticity!

I thought you might enjoy seeing an F Litter girl -- this is Maya (Darby) who lives in Virginia. She looks so much like her older full sister, Asia, to me.

Grandma Cindy sent this cute picture of Glitterati Mika (Ireland) now living in California with John and Kristine.

And now some pictures from Sydney's afternoon -- first on the agenda was getting a bath from the Assistant Feline Puppy Nanny, Karma.

All clean from her bath, Sydney enjoys some girl talk with her sleepy cousin, Asia.

Finally, Sydney settles in for a nap, thankful for such a soft and patient big cousin.

I hope you are enjoying being who and what you are, but hopefully that does not involve biting anyone or peeing on the rug!!


  1. Going to the door to go outside is HUGE! Good girl Sydney!! Yes, they are just babies...they have only been on this planet for 10-weeks. All the things they are still seeing for the first time & still, they live to make you smile :D

    Thank you for the photos of Maya/Darby & Mika/Ireland. It is so fun to watch them grow.

    I'm pretty-much house trained, hee,hee. But, I have to do my best not to bite, as tempting as it may be... :D

  2. Your pictures make me feel very peaceful, almost as peaceful as the two sleeping Berners at my house!

  3. Hi Mary-Ann ~ I've been following all your posts on both litters. I originally came for the photos, but your writing has kept me coming back. Well, and the photos too, of course! I look forward to visiting you blog every day. May the rest of your weekend be wonderful!